Monday, January 27, 2014


I think life during high school and life after high school is just the same thing. It's life. yea its viewed totally different but its still the same thing. Honestly for me high school is a waste of time. It was created many many years ago and is taught pretty much the same way ever since it was created. If schools want kids to do well and not slack then teach them what they want to know. I plan on majoring in Aviation Operations. Nothing in high school is going to really prepare me for whats going to happen after I graduate and get into college. And isn't that what the whole purpose of a High School is for? to Prepare you for the next level of education? I will agree, I can be lazy and a slacker and do the bare minimum. But if you give me something that I like and can use in the real world, then ill knock your freakin socks off. And I think that's the problem today. School is ran the same way as always. And students want to be more specialized and not generalized. Fix this and you fix the problem.


  1. Fair points. And, now that you can select a curriculum that you like and can use in the real world, my socks are waiting... where's your Launch?