Monday, June 2, 2014

Masterpiece Academy Questions

Matt Reynolds

Dr. Preston

Expos comp.

2 June 2014

                                                             Masterpiece Academy Questions
   I have changed so much in the two years I have had Dr. Preston as a teacher. I remember the first day of school as a sophomore, he told us about the class and how he would like to take it, then he just walked out and told us to take a vote. It was unanimous, and thats how my journey started. Honestly it took almost the entire year to understand that this class could be whatever we wanted it to be and that the learning is all up to us. Thats why I decided to take his class again as a senior. I was not disappointed either, I had a leg up on most kids because I already knew the structure that the class would follow. So i did my own thing with Preston watching over my shoulder to guide me when I would get lost. 

   I spent most of my time learning about stuff I knew would be useful in my future, stuff that had to do with aviation. Flying, planes, airport management, the whole lot. I think as the class progressed I improved my writing skills and the way I would think about just about everything.

  One thing that is a huge issue in Open Source Learning is trust. Without trust you have nothing to work with, sure I could say that I've been working at home but its honestly hard to show proof of everything. As a class though we were mostly honest and did our work. Most of us earned it through our dedication to our masterpieces. I do think that some people took advantage of it though and really slacked off.

   I have connection with my passion for flying, I mean I got accepted to my choice college under a BS in Aviation Operations so how sweet is that!? I will continue to learn about this at SJSU and hopefully make a career out of it in the future. 

Something that made me "LoL" would have to be reading other peoples blogs. I dont mean this in a rude way at all. I just find it amusing to see what my friend has to say about something we both had to write about and how we could come to two very different conclusions. 

  A theme that connected the presentations would definitely have to be passion. Without the passion to work so long on one single presentation it would have all been crap. Just about every person in the class worked their asses off to make their masterpiece. That took a very clear passion for the thing they love, but also a lot of dedication. For example my masterpiece was on Aviation, it took almost three months from the start to get everything in place for a 30 minute presentation. 

I don't think I have completed my journey. This was more of my first challenge, now that I'm graduating soon Ill be going to a university to continue my education and i feel like that is where my real journey begins. This was just a warm up to get me ready for the real world.