Monday, March 31, 2014

Lit analysis

                 The Sorceress
Nick takes the twins to London, where he uses Francis to enlist Palamedes, the Saracen Knight, to help them. Palamedes takes them to his home, and they manage to work together to contact Perenelle. She  is still trapped on Alcatraz with the  spider elder, Areop-Enap, after narrowly escaping the Sphinx and defeating the Morrigan. Morrigan had been suppressed sufficiently by the Words of Power that resided on the island that her body was retaken by her two elder sisters, Macha and Badb. Perenelle also makes contact with Scatty and Joan  by scrying. Areop-Enap and its spider army are then attacked by an onslaught of poisoned flies. Billy the Kid has joined forces with Machiavelli in an attempt to kill the sorceress, but Perenelle, aided by Macha and Badb, tricks the pair and steals their boat, travelling back to the mainland with her new ally, the Crow Goddess.
the Dark Elders wake up an ancient being even stronger and more powerful and mysterious than them: an Archon. The Archon, named Cernunnos, is known as the Horned God and is the leader of a pack of wolf people. Cernunnos, the Wild Hunt, and Dr Dee engage Shakespeare, Palamedes, the twins, and Flamel in a vicious battle. Flamel, Palamedes and the twins manage to fight their way past Cernunnos and Dee and flee. They pick up Gilgamesh. What Nick didnt tell  the twins is that Gilgamesh is insane. Though he has no magic,  he can still pass on his knowledge to the awakened human twins. If Gilgamesh refuses to teach the twins, they will be unable to escape back to San Francisco using the Ley Lines and will be trapped in Britain with Dee and the Wild Hunt after them. Machiavelli used his power as head of the French intelligence to lock down the roads around Stonehenge, so they head to one of Shakespeare's nearby safe houses. Here Gilgamesh teaches the twins the magic of water. While the twins are adjusting to the powers Gilgamesh has taught them, Cernunno returns with the Wild Hunt and attacks the twins and Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is wounded by the Archon, but the twins use their newfound magical powers to protect the King. While making their escape, Josh loses Clarent, and Dee grabs the sword, reuniting it with its twin, Excalibur. The two swords fuse together to make a new sword. Flamel, Palamedes and the twins flee for Stonehenge with the Wild Hunt, Dee, and the police after them. They meet up with Shakespeare and the Gabriel Hounds who fled the junk-yard using a secret tunnel, the twins activate the ley lines at Stonehenge and the protagonists are greeted by Perenelle at the other end.
Meanwhile, Scathach and Joan of Arc try to get to Alcatraz to help Perenelle but are trapped in a prehistoric era by Machiavelli, who had deliberately set the trap to snare them. They do not know how to return to their time and must try to survive while they wait for Flamel and the others to find and rescue them.

The theme of this novel is to never give up.

The tone of this novel is optimestic and bright. Even though the twins are faced with a daunting task they still give it their best.

During the book the syntax and diction change alot from character to character making the book more fun. Intentionally misspelling words to make it sound more real.

i think that the antagonost is kind of static in this book. Hes still the same Dr Dee as the other two previous books.

After reading this book i feel like i didnt really make any new friends. This is the third book in the series and its starting to feel very repeditive.

raising digital awareness

It is important to bring vistors to youre blog so you can get feedback and create a network.
I am addressing visitors needs and wants on my blog with open questions. Those who view my blog may respond or add their ideas in the comments section.
Some steps I can do to improve my blog is to make it a little more user friendly and maybe add some more gadgets.
I believe digital tools are more important. With digital tools we can collaborate and create networks from all around the world. That was almost impossible 20 years ago. And even then it took days to mail letters, where now its sent at the speed of internet. around the world in a matter of seconds.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I, entrepreneur

I think my expert is an entrepreneur because he is putting something out into the world. His knowledge of aviation. I also believed I am an entrepreneur because of the work I post on this blog. Not as much my masterpiece but everything else I do.  I also feel like this culture really pushes people to be an entrepreneur. I feel like that's why our founding fathers set up America, to be free and let anyone do as they want. Almost everyone is an entrepreneur today some more notable than others. Bill Gates. Jobs, etc.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Today in class we didn't really discuss Entrepreneur's but we talked about finding a buddy and trying to make things work out and gain an audience. my buddy is Taylor Harms

10 questions

my 10 questions for my expert are;
1. When did you start flying?
2. How long have you been flying?
3. What did you get your degree in?
4. How long did it take you to get certified?
5. When should I start taking lessons?
6. How much money are lessons?
7. How would I get a job being a pilot?
8.How much longer does it take to get certified as a turbo prop or jet engine?
9. Should I take out a loan to pay for my lessons or save up and wait?
10. Do you enjoy your job as a pilot?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

THIS is what we live for

Now this video isn't mine. But if this doesn't motivate you or pump you up. then there is something wrong with you.

My Money Shot

This is my money shot. There is a great story behind this one. But also it was from my second time flying when I was about eight years old. The pilot of my plane is Ed Mandibles (my brothers Father-in-Law) and in the photo is his friend (whos name I cant remember because that was 10+ years ago) so Ed gives me his camera and tells me to take some pictures. A couple of days later my dad gets a phone call from Ed and Ed explains that I have taken one of the greatest pictures, the pilot in this picture said he had spent a lot of money on professional photographers to take pictures of him and never has he had anything as great as this. Ed (without my knowledge) sent this pic to a popular magazine. And a few months later., guess what made front cover.
My watch. now it doesn't seem like much especially because this is a night picture, But I got this watch for my 18th birthday. It is a G-Shock GA1000-1A. its an aviation watch. It has Temperature, International time zones. stopwatch, 10minute countdown. and a compass that has your degrees as well. I thought id share that with you just so you can understand my dedication.

The larger plane on the left is the one were are in from every picture and video. It is a Piper Tripacer.
this is my view on the left seat.
this is my view of the right seat. These two pictures were taken yesterday (Saturday March 9th)
So this is our taxi to the runway. you can hear us joke about not having a door. One of my favorite things about being a pilot is the atmosphere you get when you're at the airport or just with other pilots.
Formation flight during the 2013 cub fly in. Around Lompoc Airspace
Flying above Lompoc airport during the 2013 cub fly in. Someone decided to drop in and say hello :)
Some formation flying on the coast, Yes we are flying withour a rear door because we have a photographer in the back seat and it gives him a clearer shot. in the majority of these videos you see there will be no door :P
So this video is about two years old since then I have moved on to the left seat which is the main pilots seat and I also now control our speed.


My passion is flying. It is important to me because it is something that I have wanted to do since I was about 5 years old. I started flying when I was about eight or nine years old when my brother got married. My brothers father-in-law is a pilot and has often invited me to go up with him.

I am using the tools from last semester by joining and creating networks to help me in this project. I often ask friends for advice or to help me revise something.

My envisioned future is to become a fully certified pilot. Now that's impossible to have done by June so my short goal is to just become familiar with avionics and flight terms so when I go to San Jose State next semester I will be prepared and give it my all.

What impresses my audience is just my passion for flying. It might not be so easy for them to see it. But it is and always has been my favorite thing. If I hear a plane in the sky I have to look and try to locate it. Along with my passion is my drive to become a pilot, I think the two go together and really show that this is what I want to do with my life.

I think my ideas are already past the "what if" stage of things and are now on the. "so next" stage. I got accepted to SJSU under a BS in Aviation Operations so next I just have to get my education.

My peers are my friends the people who I can trust and who I can go to for advice on minor things and revisions. The public is for ideas, they can comment what they think is right (or wrong) and ill always take it into consideration. And last but certainly not least are my experts, the people who I go to for technical advice, flight hours, and in the near future, flight training.

So lets hack this paper just a tad bit. in the next few posts ill show you just exactly what I do and what id like to do for the rest of my life. So sit back. and enjoy the show.