Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tools that change the way we think

I think the use of technology changes the way people think very much. I mean when i do research papers rarely do i go out to a library (do those even exist anymore) i just fine multiple online resources and use all of those. I think it can both help people get something done. But also slow them down alot. I mean like right now im on tumblr and its taken 15 minutes to type this much  :o

Filter bubbles

So im pretty sure you showed us this video last year, so it more more of a refresher on what filterbubbles are. And also im a little upset about how they work,i think im going to start using duckduckgo more often especially when im researching something.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


cursory-looking over something rapidly without noticing details
ex: He looked over the essay with cursory,

 impetus-stimulus or a moving force
ex: Hitler was the impetus behind the third Reich.

 pinnacle-the peak or best time of something
ex: He was at the pinnacle of his career.

 contumely-insulting display of contempt in words or actions
ex: The argument escalated to a series of contumelies.

 bereavement-period of mourning after death of a loved one
ex: He was in a state of bereavement after his wife's death.

 cache-a hiding place in the ground for storage
ex: Its the best thing ever when you find your secret cache of candy in your room.

 consummation-the act of completion or fulfilled
ex: The exchange of rings consummates a marriage.

 calamity-great misfortune or disaster
ex: War causes calamity among the people.

 avarice-insatiable greed for wealth
ex: The king had an avarice that made his subjects hate him.

 fortify-to protect against attack
ex: The soldiers fortified their positions.

 erratic-deviating from usual course or thought
ex: Women have a habit of being erratic.

 ubiquitous-existing everywhere at the same time; always present
ex: There was an ubiquitous presence of ants at the picnic.

 fortitude-mental strength when faced with difficulty
ex: The man had a strong fortitude.

 nonchalant-casual; unexcited
ex: His nonchalant attitude was annoying.

 affect-to produce a change in something
ex: Weather affects plants.

 effect-something produced by a cause
ex: The medicine has many side effects.

 misappropriate-to put to wrong use
ex: Old people misappropriate sport cars.

 pragmatic-pertaining to a practical point of view
ex: The author writes with a pragmatic view of life.

 metacognition-higher order thinking that enables understanding
ex: Wisdom comes when a person achieves metacognition.

 devoutly-devoted to divine worship
ex: He was devoutly proud of his religion.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

To be or not to be

Is it better to suffer through your bad luck, or fight against your troubles and change?
Well thats hamlits problem if he suffers then well he goes through all that crap and has to deal with it. But if he fights back against his troubles (father dead, mother with his uncle) then hell have to kill his uncle, and change his views on life. To me, when Hamlit says death it has many meanings. yes he means truelly dead but also it meas to change his belifes because the old him would be no more. He's scared of what will come next and how life isnt fair.

Vocab 7

Cursory-fast. hastily done
impetus- a moving force
contumely- insulting
bereavement-mourning, a state of sorrow
cache-a collection of items, usually hidden
consummation-complete or final
calamity-an event causing great and sudden damage
avarice-extreme greed for wealth or material gain
fortify-to strengthen
 ubiquitous-present, to be found everywhere
fortitude-courage through pain
nonchalant-casual, calm
affect-produce a change in something
effect-the result of something
misappropiate-the intentional, illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one's own use or other unauthorized purpose
pragmatic-dealing with something realistically
metacognition-awareness and understanding of ones own thought process
devoutly-showing deep religious feeling