Wednesday, October 23, 2013


cursory-looking over something rapidly without noticing details
ex: He looked over the essay with cursory,

 impetus-stimulus or a moving force
ex: Hitler was the impetus behind the third Reich.

 pinnacle-the peak or best time of something
ex: He was at the pinnacle of his career.

 contumely-insulting display of contempt in words or actions
ex: The argument escalated to a series of contumelies.

 bereavement-period of mourning after death of a loved one
ex: He was in a state of bereavement after his wife's death.

 cache-a hiding place in the ground for storage
ex: Its the best thing ever when you find your secret cache of candy in your room.

 consummation-the act of completion or fulfilled
ex: The exchange of rings consummates a marriage.

 calamity-great misfortune or disaster
ex: War causes calamity among the people.

 avarice-insatiable greed for wealth
ex: The king had an avarice that made his subjects hate him.

 fortify-to protect against attack
ex: The soldiers fortified their positions.

 erratic-deviating from usual course or thought
ex: Women have a habit of being erratic.

 ubiquitous-existing everywhere at the same time; always present
ex: There was an ubiquitous presence of ants at the picnic.

 fortitude-mental strength when faced with difficulty
ex: The man had a strong fortitude.

 nonchalant-casual; unexcited
ex: His nonchalant attitude was annoying.

 affect-to produce a change in something
ex: Weather affects plants.

 effect-something produced by a cause
ex: The medicine has many side effects.

 misappropriate-to put to wrong use
ex: Old people misappropriate sport cars.

 pragmatic-pertaining to a practical point of view
ex: The author writes with a pragmatic view of life.

 metacognition-higher order thinking that enables understanding
ex: Wisdom comes when a person achieves metacognition.

 devoutly-devoted to divine worship
ex: He was devoutly proud of his religion.

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