Monday, February 24, 2014

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I know the post said have 5-10 people but I feel like my mater piece is just a really different direction than most people. If any one happens to look at my blog I would greatly appreciate it if you joined me in collaboration. leave a comment and follow this blog :) thank you

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Magician : The secrets of the Immortal Nickolas Flamel

Plot: Sophie Josh Nick and Scathach arrive in Paris after barely escaping with their lives from John Dee. Nick takes the twins to a former student of his Comte de Saint-Germain. Comte teaches Sophie to use fire magic and how to sort out her memories from the witch of endor. Josh is given a sword of fire magic. Dee along with Machiavelli and a trio of Disir attack the group. Schathach is taken into a river and is presumed dead. Back in Alcatraz Perenelle finds the spider elder Areop-Enap and the two together stop the Morrigan. Back in Paris Josh is in the catacombs and gets a special gift from Mars Ultor. When the get out of the catacombs they find that Dee and Machiavelli set a trap awakening all the statues of paris. The group escapes to London on a train when the book ends.

The theme for this book is to never give up. Many times during this book the Twins are scared for their life and worry what will happen to them, but they continue on and face their fears and overcome them.

The tone for this book is optimistic. It really goes with the theme because so many times during the book it seems like it will be the end of someone and it almost always works out well.

Some elements I saw were foreshadowing(many times) the authors diction. Personification giving creatures and bizarre things human characteristics. Irony.

The Author uses diction very well I think. Many characters in this book are from different time periods and you can really tell when they start speaking and they use words that are not really in used vocabulary anymore. The same with syntax each character is a little different and it seems the older the character the more formal they talk and word their sentence.

The protagonist is somewhat a mix between static and dynamic. His core views and values seem the same throughout the book. While some things change a little like his views on the twins and Nick. Nothing major its not like he went from pure evil to something nice. But he did change somewhat. So im not exactly sure what to classify him as.

And last of all I feel like I came away with a group of new friends (and enemies) after reading this book. Its kind of weird how something made up and only words on a paper can end up meaning so much to someone or feel like you know them well.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


As of last Friday I was accepted to San Jose State. Which is the only college I applied to. I am so happy and excited to say I am going to college. Whats so special about SJSU? Well its one of the only colleges in CA that has my major (Aviation Operations), plus its right in the hub of technology in the US, my kinda thing. So what is aviation operations? Anything that has to do with flight. My goal is to become a pilot or an Air Traffic controller. Wish me Luck!

Peer Review

Taylor harms
I feel like taylor's blog represents his personality well, is has a decent amount of information but lacks some what in the gadgets department making it look kind of bare. Rate: 8/10

Elizabeth Sandoval
Elizabeth's blog is very bland and not that great on visuals to grab the readers attention. It is also not that up to date. Rate: 5/10

Angel Vega
Cool gadgets, love the music player and wish I knew how to add one I've looked online but to no success, Angels blog is somewhat up to date. id rate it 8/10

Tiana McMann
Tiana's blog is well laid out and looks like she took time into creating it, it is also fairly up to date. Rate: 8.5/10

Erik Santos
Erik's blog looks well but is really lacking in posts and gargets making it very plain his last post isn't even from this year. Rate: 3/10

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Literature Analysis- The Alchemyst

In this book, Sophie and Josh Newman are 15 year old twins. The two twins work across the street from eachother in San Fransisco, Josh in a bookstore and Sophie in a tea and coffee shop. One day a strange man named John Dee comes into the bookstore where josh works and asks for the codex, the book of Abraham the mage. Josh witnesses his manager Nick Flamel and witnesses the two using magic. Josh later finds out with his sister that both Nick and his Wife Perry are Magicians. Perry is kidnaped by John Dee. Nick tells the twins to stay with him and their journey begins. They first go to the house of Scathach, a powerful next generation elder. The team is soon forced to run after an attack from John Dee's minions. The group then flees to the shadow realm of Hekate, where she agrees to awaken the twins magical power. During the awakening Hekate's shadow realm is attacked by John Dee and only sophie's power is awakened. Hekate dies in the battle trying to save her home. The twins Scathach and Nick escape just in time before the Shadowrealm disappeared into non existence.

The theme for this book is to never give up hope, many times the twins were so discouraged and in fear for their life but they kept their guard up and never gave up.

The protagonist are all round characters. Developing more and more as the story goes on
After reading the book it felt like I met a whole group of people not just specific to one person,