Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Literature Analysis- The Alchemyst

In this book, Sophie and Josh Newman are 15 year old twins. The two twins work across the street from eachother in San Fransisco, Josh in a bookstore and Sophie in a tea and coffee shop. One day a strange man named John Dee comes into the bookstore where josh works and asks for the codex, the book of Abraham the mage. Josh witnesses his manager Nick Flamel and witnesses the two using magic. Josh later finds out with his sister that both Nick and his Wife Perry are Magicians. Perry is kidnaped by John Dee. Nick tells the twins to stay with him and their journey begins. They first go to the house of Scathach, a powerful next generation elder. The team is soon forced to run after an attack from John Dee's minions. The group then flees to the shadow realm of Hekate, where she agrees to awaken the twins magical power. During the awakening Hekate's shadow realm is attacked by John Dee and only sophie's power is awakened. Hekate dies in the battle trying to save her home. The twins Scathach and Nick escape just in time before the Shadowrealm disappeared into non existence.

The theme for this book is to never give up hope, many times the twins were so discouraged and in fear for their life but they kept their guard up and never gave up.

The protagonist are all round characters. Developing more and more as the story goes on
After reading the book it felt like I met a whole group of people not just specific to one person,

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