Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Peer Review

Taylor harms
I feel like taylor's blog represents his personality well, is has a decent amount of information but lacks some what in the gadgets department making it look kind of bare. Rate: 8/10

Elizabeth Sandoval
Elizabeth's blog is very bland and not that great on visuals to grab the readers attention. It is also not that up to date. Rate: 5/10

Angel Vega
Cool gadgets, love the music player and wish I knew how to add one I've looked online but to no success, Angels blog is somewhat up to date. id rate it 8/10

Tiana McMann
Tiana's blog is well laid out and looks like she took time into creating it, it is also fairly up to date. Rate: 8.5/10

Erik Santos
Erik's blog looks well but is really lacking in posts and gargets making it very plain his last post isn't even from this year. Rate: 3/10


  1. Hey Matt, thanks for the feedback. If you're still interested I can show you how to add the music player. Just ask me whenever you have the chance.