Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome to my network.

1. Taylor Harms
2. Elizabeth Sandoval
3. Carlos Serrano

I know the post said have 5-10 people but I feel like my mater piece is just a really different direction than most people. If any one happens to look at my blog I would greatly appreciate it if you joined me in collaboration. leave a comment and follow this blog :) thank you


  1. Hey I saw your interest in aviation ad I just wanted to let you know that I fly model airplanes as a hobby and I think it would be awesome if we were in eachothers networks.

  2. Hey dude, so im prettyyyyyy sure i figured out how to fallow you so i did would be greatly apperciated if you could fallow my blog back! HMU in a comment on my blog! My field of study is journalism so i would be able to write for you. Thank you again

    - Loren