Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Freedom of Choice

Is it beter if you can make your own decision? Or if someone made them for you? Well to me, it all depends on the person. If that person is a type A personality where they get things done on time and can make good decisions then i think its better to make you own decision. But if it is someone who is lazy then definityly not, they would never get anything done, and if they did it would be only stuff that they wanted to do. Now for me, i think i belong somewhere inbetween. I think that i should be able to make my own choices, but still have a little guidence or help just because well i get lazy i have a very busy life and if it wasnt for someone saying "oh you have to get this done" then id prolly end up taking a couple hour nap and then slacking off a little bit.

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