Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vocab 4

Accede- agree to demand, assume an office or position
Brandish- Wave or flourish
Comprise- Consist of, be made up of
Deft- Neatly skillfil and quick in action
Destitute- Without the basic necessities of life, poor
Explicit- Stated clearly and in detail
Extripate- Root out and destroy completly
Inopportune- occuring at an inconvient or inappropiate time
Ironic- Signifies the opposite, typically for humorous effect
Musty- Stale, or damp smell
Officious- Proper, formal
Ominous-giving the impression something bad will happen
Pinnacle- at the top. most secessful
premeditated-think out or plan before, typically in a crime
Rampant- Something spreading unchecked
Solace- Comfort or consoltation in time of distress or sadness
Stately- having a dignified unhurried and grand manner
Supple- bending and moving easliy, flexible
Suppress- Forcibly put an end to
Venal- showing or motivated by susceptibility to bribery

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